Top Places to Travel For a Spring Break

A spring break is a perfect opportunity to enjoy vacations by travelling to different places across the world. But for a spring break the destinations should be affordable, accessible, popular and worthy. Reviewing these factors, I have compiled a travel guide which will help you to explore some of the best places to travel during a spring break. 

A spring break could be very well a jaunt into nature for some amazing things such as hiking, falling down the slopes and much more. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best destinations to explore during a Spring Break. 

The Catskills – New York

If you are obsessed with nature and you are looking for a nature-focused spot to travel during your Spring break where you can do hiking, hang out besides the mountains, face firing pits then you must check out the Catskills in New York. This spot in recent years has become a hipster hangout, with heart throbbing nature scenes, and of course high quality restaurants. 

New Orleans 

New Orleans is a premium destination for those people who are searching for epic nightlife which is mixed with Southern comfort food. But, the airfare in New Orleans can be a bit expensive. Cheap hotel and rental deals are available here so that you will not face any issue regarding your stay in New Orleans. Some of the best places to check out in New Orleans include the French Quarter. Also some popular annual events take place here during spring and summer seasons. But, these popular events that are expected to be held in March, they often cause a sudden increase in your airfare and lodging expenses.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach which is also known as PCB is a true and tired spring break location that you will love for sure. You can easily find a spot across the 27 miles of white sand beaches to sunbathe, play volleyball or you can scan the horizon for dolphins. The Panama City Beach town is located in the northwest of Florida. If you are planning to go here in the Spring then make sure to remember one thing that this town bans alcohol consumption on the beach during the month of March, so that you will have to enjoy your adult habits somewhere else. 

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a hot spot spring break destination where you can stay easily and also you can avail cheap deals here. The hotels in the South Padre Island are offering deals, as low as $100 per night. Also, if you are a nightcrawler then this place is ideal for you because of its DJ nights and celebrities holding the court at nightclubs.

South Padre island is located in Texas which is only 30 miles away from the north of Mexican border, which means that you will get plenty of sunshine without even leaving the country. The average daytime temperatures here range from the low 70s to the low 80s.

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