Enjoying Berlin!

Berlin, likewise with any huge city, has its own guidelines and its own patterns. Energizing, option and underground, Berlin is likewise a confounded city where social practices have codes to be regarded. 

Regard the traffic signals 

German individuals are notable to be focused. It very well may be a generalization yet it is absolutely obvious with regards to traffic signals. Trusting that the light will be green prior to intersection is one the first and most significant principles you should realize while showing up in Berlin. 

Attempt to communicate in German 

Regardless of whether you are English, French, Spanish or Italian, if your German is acceptable, local people consistently like travelers who put forth an attempt to communicate in the language. As Berlin is turning into a very touristic place, it isn’t hard to track down individuals who communicate in English well, so you don’t should be familiar or to utilize communication via gestures. 

Pay for your tram tickets 

Numerous sightseers showing up in Berlin are amazed by the absence of safety when entering in the metro. Undoubtedly, in Berlin you just need to purchase your ticket, stamp it through the machine and go on the ride. In any case, consider the possibility that you don’t. No one’s there to control on the off chance that you do really pay a ticket. 

Ride a bicycle 

The delight of riding a bicycle in Berlin is limitless. As a matter of first importance, they are truly simple to lease at a sensible cost. Second of all, this is the most ideal approach to find the city. Taking the metro is likely the most noticeably awful thought as you will miss half of the attractions and go through considerably more cash. So if the climate permits you to, lease a beautiful bicycle and make your excursion a solid one. 

Attempt a Club Mate 

In Berlin, the well known beverage is, as stunning as it may sound, the brew, however the Club Mate. The Club Mate is a beverage made out of the plant of a similar name, arranged as a cool bubbly tea. It tastes a little odd the first run through, lacking sugar, with a solid dry herb aroma.

10 Best Things to Do in Qatar

When you think of Qatar it is not usually a travel destination. But it is actually a great place to visit. Qatar connects to a lot of destinations all over the world, so you can expect the place to be really busy. In fact Hamad International Airport has quite become a popular jump-off to many other countries around the world.

This is why we have listed some of the best places that you should see when coming  to this wonderful country.

Bash in the dunes

In case you only have a very short time to spend in Qatar, spend it in the desert. The sand ridges are as high as they are steep, making the drive over the desert to the ocean a fantastic occasion. You can go through a night in extravagance Arabian tents or pitch your own, eat nearby food and rest under the stars.

Visit Souq Waqif

Visit Doha’s Souq Waqif for a feeling of the old world. The “standing business sector” has been remade to bring out an air of ancient times. The notable souq is a labyrinth of shops overflowing with texture, flavors, desserts, family merchandise (think tremendous pots) keepsakes and workmanship. Here, you will discover wood carvers and tailors working ceaselessly, you’ll see with your own eyes how the customary agals Qatari men wear to keep their hat set up are made.

Get a perspective on Doha’s Al Corniche

A stroll along the Doha Corniche is a lovely way to go through a late evening. The seven-kilometer promenade extends over the Persian Gulf in the West Bay from the Sheraton Hotel to the Museum of Islamic Art. You can snatch an espresso, fly a kite or snap a picture by the famous pearl shell, an image of Qatar’s conventional past.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

Siituated simply off the Corniche, the historical center resembles it’s skimming on water from certain points. You can find here a display of Calligraphy, some Islamic samples, gems, and materials from three mainlands. The wide assortment of collection in this museum will totally leave you wishing you had more time to read about Qatar’s history and explore more of its wonderful sides.…

Top Places to See in Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is the pristine public historical center which opened in Doha at least a year prior. The historical center was proclaimed one of the world’s most noteworthy spots to visit in 2019 by Time Magazine and was roused by the desert rose precious stone found in Qatar itself.

Souq Waqif

Neighboring Souq Waqif in midtown Doha, the Falcon Souq is the most searched out place for hawk darlings in the whole city. The market is tremendously well known for its vaporous shops loaded up with many hawks and different birds drawing in the bold part.

Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a seven-kilometer long common public field covering the Doha Bay beginning from the Sheraton Hotel and finishing with the National Museum of Islamic Art.

The Aspire Zone

A piece of the Aspire Zone situated in the area of Baaya, Aspire Park is the greatest park around there. It is the ideal spot to unwind with its sporting offices after a daylong of shopping at Hyatt Plaza and Villagio Mall which are before the recreation center.

Go to the Beautiful and Existing Aqua Park

15 kms from the primary city, Aqua Park is a water-themed park which offers various rides and exercises to individuals, all things considered, and gatherings. Of a complete space of 50,000 square meters and with a convenience limit of more than 3000 guests, the recreation center had begun as a little one at first yet in the end developed into a serious marvelous one.

Absorb the Qatari Culture at the Katara Cultural Village

Broadly known as the ‘Valley of Cultures’, the Katara Cultural Village is the go-to put in case you’re eager about craftsmanship, culture and engineering. It was opened in October 2010 as a piece of Doha Tribeca Film Festival and since has it consistently. The town has a plenitude to see and you can’t get enough of it.

Some of the Best Hotels in Panama

See ships transiting to the Panama Canal. Surf, dive, and soak up the beaches. Well, these are just a few of the many things you can enjoy in Panama. Quite ostensibly, a great vacation in Panama also entails choosing a perfect hotel for you to stay. So in this article, we have listed some of the best hotels that you can choose from.

Islas Secas

Islas Secas is a private island eco-resort 20 miles off Panama’s Pacific Coast consisting of 14 islands. Here you can enjoy staying in cozy and comfortable rooms as well as bathing in the Turquoise Ocean. The hotel offers a lot of water activities such as boat trips, snorkeling and scuba diving. As a matter of fact, Islas Secas is a go-to destination for tourists who love the beach.

Villa Caprichosa

This out-of-the-world hotel lying in Isla Taboga is probably one of the most unique hotels you’ll find in Panama. It has a neo-classical accommodation with architecture and design like those homes of Gods you see on television. It has an exquisitely fashioned room at a fairly reasonable price.  There is also an on-site pool that gives you a great view of the ocean front.

Waldorf Astoria Panama

Waldorf Astoria is the first Latin-American hotel that blends luxury design and outstanding service. It has an unbeatable location at the city of Panama and will offer you well-appointed rooms with a balcony where you can watch a beautiful sunset. At the sixth floor, you can also find a swimming pool that looks more elegant when the lights are lit during the night. This is definitely a perfect hotel for a couple’s romantic getaway or for the coolest family vacation.

The American Trade Hotel

This fabulous upscale hotel in a landmark building is at the heart of the Unesco-listed Casco Viejo. It offers cozy rooms with a fusion of modern and rustic style and character.  There is a thriving restaurant, a gorgeous jazz venue, and a cool coffee shop in the area. If you’re a morning person you would love this hotel as it gives you freedom to just and grab-and-go a coffee before your daylong city tour.

Tips for Traveling to Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya which is known for its large national park. This reserve is known for breeding endangered black rhinos and zebras. It is no surprise that this country is a favorite among tourists who want to immerse themselves in great culture and witness the wildlife. So if you are planning to tour in Nairobi, here are some important things you need to consider.

Be cautious where you eat

   Although food in Kenya is unique and delicious, you need to choose where to dine. Pay extra attention to the meat and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the quality of food. Sometimes, the quality of meat in Nairobi or local ingredients can cause an upset stomach. If you are not used to the kind of food, better choose another restaurant to dine.

Make sure you have enough vaccines

Kenya had a rough history of Malaria outbreak. Even today, there are still cases of people getting sick of Malaria. So before heading to Nairobi it would be wise to ensure your vaccines are updated. Ask your doctor what pills to take to keep yourself immune to these diseases. Also bring a lot of vitamins with you and always stay hydrated.

Be careful with the insects

Don’t let any insect bite you in Nairobi like biting wasps and acacia thorns. Keep yourself safe from all other insects and not just from Malaria-carrying mosquitoes. You don’t really know what harm these insects can bring to you. Better yet, bring some insect repellents and or spray. You don’t want to go home and find yourself suffering from unknown sickness due to insect bites.

 Have a little adventure

We have seen and heard a lot of horror stories about Nairobi. Most movies we see on TV would feature doctors coming to Kenya to combat weird diseases and save people. But Kenya is not all about that. On the bright side, Nairobi is home to the beautiful Mount Kenya. There are hiking trails that lead you to the peak of this mountain. So if you are feeling a little adventurous you can prepare your gears and dare to trek to Mount Kenya. You would be surprised by the number of people going here every year and have developed their own kind of devotion.

Finally stay street smart. Nairobi is not the kind of city where you can wander around safely especially when dark falls. Make sure you are always on guard and ask the hostels about areas and corners to avoid if you need to go out during night.

5 Crucial Tips When Travelling to California

California is the largest state in the United States. Despite the modernization in this country it remained to be a beautiful destination and is widely cherished by tourists not only as a great cityscape.  It is actually home to iconic beaches, deserts, and forests which is why California is definitely worth visiting.  

It’s sunny in California. 

California is a tropical country and you will have the weather here to be sunny most days. So make sure you have the proper protection when you go out. Bring basic tees and wear sunscreen. Also bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the radiant sun rays.

The night can be quite cold.

A sunny day in California can suddenly turn into a chilly night when dark falls. We suggest that you also bring extra layers of clothes to keep you warm during the night. Always check your phone for weather updates. A good weather condition is important for a great vacation.

Take extra precaution when hiking.

California is home to some beautiful terrains where you can go hiking. However, you should be warned that the terrains can turn treacherous depending on the weather and cell phone services can be spotty. If you plan on hiking, make sure you have enough training and you pack essential gears.

You can fly to San Francisco and L.A. on the same trip.

Going to California gives you freedom to jump to San Francisco and L.A. and see more iconic spots. If you do so, we suggest that you take the plane because the flight only takes one hour. Driving can take you at least 5 to 7 hours depending on the traffic.

Know the emergency hotlines. 

While California is a peaceful country it is always safe to know who to call in case of emergencies. Besides 911, you can also contact 311 for local information and 411 for directory assistance.

Visit some beach towns.

Hermosa and Manhattan Beach are popular spots in California where you can spend a day. The locals are also cool as well as the tourists. Just be warned that the traffic can really get heavy which will sometimes take a toll on you. However, if you bring some friends, your trip can actually be fun.7.       Learn some tactical tips on how to ward off some wild animals like coyotes, mountain lions, and black bears. If you plan on hiking in the highlands, don’t be surprised to meet some not-so-friendly animals. Nevertheless, you should avoid panicking. It is better to study how to ward off these animals and stay safe throughout your journey.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Are you ready to ski? Well, you better be. Jackson Hole in Wyoming is home to three large skiing areas.  For avid skiers, this place is a paradise. If you like to ski but did not know of this place yet, it is time you pay this site a visit. Warm up and take your gears. The following are some essential tips when going to Jackson Hole.

Stay in Teton Village 

If you are planning to stay more than 5 days in the city, we recommend you to stay in Teton Village for ultimate convenience to the slopes. It offers cozy accommodation and food, which is also good for families. On a good snowy day, you can easily hop in the tram line from the Teton Village.

Warm Up Early in the Morning

Since you are skiing, it is important to get your legs warmed up on Jackson Hole’s excellent true blue trails. Head to the Casper Quad Chair from the base area and you can see your trail. The glades here are vast and wide. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can also trek to Casper Bowl and then descend to Fremont. Just make sure you have trained before doing any adventurous exhibitions to prevent breaking your legs.

Dine at Corbet’s Cabin

Do you want to have a nice breakfast? Well, you can have that at Corbet’s Cabin. This is one of the best spots in Jackson Hole to dine in the morning. Think about large waffles and toppings like butter and Nutella. And yes, bacon! Everything you need for a rigid and adventurous day is here. Enjoy your meal!

Consider a Day on the Edge

Have you ever felt how it is like to be on the edge? If not, you can try the legendary Jackson Hole runs and explore Alta Chutes or the Cirque off the Sublette Quad Chairlift. This will give you the most extreme skiing adventure of your life. The terrains here are quite sloping and are recommended for expert skiers.  

Get into the Snow Mobile

Get your legs some rest. Aside from skiing, you can enjoy a lot of other activities in Jackson Hole like riding the snow mobile.   This will give you a chance to experience the famous winter wildlife touring in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. 

Jackson Hole is a great place to visit. We went with friends to celebrate starting our own business (Chandler Painting Pros) almost 5 years ago. We had a blast and recommend it to anyone.

Top Places to Travel For a Spring Break

A spring break is a perfect opportunity to enjoy vacations by travelling to different places across the world. But for a spring break the destinations should be affordable, accessible, popular and worthy. Reviewing these factors, I have compiled a travel guide which will help you to explore some of the best places to travel during a spring break. 

A spring break could be very well a jaunt into nature for some amazing things such as hiking, falling down the slopes and much more. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best destinations to explore during a Spring Break. 

The Catskills – New York

If you are obsessed with nature and you are looking for a nature-focused spot to travel during your Spring break where you can do hiking, hang out besides the mountains, face firing pits then you must check out the Catskills in New York. This spot in recent years has become a hipster hangout, with heart throbbing nature scenes, and of course high quality restaurants. 

New Orleans 

New Orleans is a premium destination for those people who are searching for epic nightlife which is mixed with Southern comfort food. But, the airfare in New Orleans can be a bit expensive. Cheap hotel and rental deals are available here so that you will not face any issue regarding your stay in New Orleans. Some of the best places to check out in New Orleans include the French Quarter. Also some popular annual events take place here during spring and summer seasons. But, these popular events that are expected to be held in March, they often cause a sudden increase in your airfare and lodging expenses.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach which is also known as PCB is a true and tired spring break location that you will love for sure. You can easily find a spot across the 27 miles of white sand beaches to sunbathe, play volleyball or you can scan the horizon for dolphins. The Panama City Beach town is located in the northwest of Florida. If you are planning to go here in the Spring then make sure to remember one thing that this town bans alcohol consumption on the beach during the month of March, so that you will have to enjoy your adult habits somewhere else. 

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a hot spot spring break destination where you can stay easily and also you can avail cheap deals here. The hotels in the South Padre Island are offering deals, as low as $100 per night. Also, if you are a nightcrawler then this place is ideal for you because of its DJ nights and celebrities holding the court at nightclubs.

South Padre island is located in Texas which is only 30 miles away from the north of Mexican border, which means that you will get plenty of sunshine without even leaving the country. The average daytime temperatures here range from the low 70s to the low 80s.