5 Crucial Tips When Travelling to California

California is the largest state in the United States. Despite the modernization in this country it remained to be a beautiful destination and is widely cherished by tourists not only as a great cityscape.  It is actually home to iconic beaches, deserts, and forests which is why California is definitely worth visiting.  

It’s sunny in California. 

California is a tropical country and you will have the weather here to be sunny most days. So make sure you have the proper protection when you go out. Bring basic tees and wear sunscreen. Also bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the radiant sun rays.

The night can be quite cold.

A sunny day in California can suddenly turn into a chilly night when dark falls. We suggest that you also bring extra layers of clothes to keep you warm during the night. Always check your phone for weather updates. A good weather condition is important for a great vacation.

Take extra precaution when hiking.

California is home to some beautiful terrains where you can go hiking. However, you should be warned that the terrains can turn treacherous depending on the weather and cell phone services can be spotty. If you plan on hiking, make sure you have enough training and you pack essential gears.

You can fly to San Francisco and L.A. on the same trip.

Going to California gives you freedom to jump to San Francisco and L.A. and see more iconic spots. If you do so, we suggest that you take the plane because the flight only takes one hour. Driving can take you at least 5 to 7 hours depending on the traffic.

Know the emergency hotlines. 

While California is a peaceful country it is always safe to know who to call in case of emergencies. Besides 911, you can also contact 311 for local information and 411 for directory assistance.

Visit some beach towns.

Hermosa and Manhattan Beach are popular spots in California where you can spend a day. The locals are also cool as well as the tourists. Just be warned that the traffic can really get heavy which will sometimes take a toll on you. However, if you bring some friends, your trip can actually be fun.7.       Learn some tactical tips on how to ward off some wild animals like coyotes, mountain lions, and black bears. If you plan on hiking in the highlands, don’t be surprised to meet some not-so-friendly animals. Nevertheless, you should avoid panicking. It is better to study how to ward off these animals and stay safe throughout your journey.

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